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What are the best public information sources in Czech Republic?

Business Registry: ARES - Access to Registers of Economic Subjects

ARES is a database administered by the Czech Ministry of Finances. Available: search by company or person name to identify information registered with administrative institutions in the country.

Government Database

Business Registry: Biz Biz

Search offers a full overview of all the people in the company and their current positions. A click on the name of the person gives an overview of all the other companies in Czech Republic where their name appears. All the information is only current, no historic data is available. Information derives from the official company registry.

Business Registry: Czech National Bank

Available: a list of all issuers with historical information

Government Database

Business Registry:

Available: basic company information and links to websites

Business Registry: Ministry of Finance Business Registry

Available: basic company information, scope of business, capital, statutory authority, shareholders, reports

Government Database

Business Registry: Ministry of Justice Official Registry

Seacrh by company name, by personal name; Available: detailed historical company information and original documents

Government Database

Business Registry: Prague Stock Exchange

Available: exchange members list

Government Database

Commercial Register:

Available: search by personal and business name with basic information in results

Commercial Register: Regiony

Available: search by address to find all companies registered at the same location.

Intellectual Property: Industrial Property Office

Government Database

Land Registry: Czech Official Land Registry

The Czech Official Land Registry is a paid database and requires an account. It provides details of land and building owners, including any registered legal issues as well as lists of other properties owned by the same owner.

Paid Database Registration Required Government Database

ID Search

Search data and documents that we've liberated and archived.

Grey literature: Georgian Asset Declarations

27,948 Documents

Court archives: Shearman & Sterling FCPA Case Library

3,530 Documents 42 Persons and companies

Company registries: Georgian Company Documents

536,383 Documents

Grey literature: Sarajevo Prosecutor

6,780 Documents

Court archives: World Bank Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative

2,577 Documents 203 Persons and companies

Gazettes: Cayman Islands Gazette

333 Documents

Gazettes: Dutch Staatscourant

335,684 Documents

Gazettes: Hong Kong Gazette

159,426 Documents

Gazettes: Turkish Commercial Gazette

922,509 Documents

News archives: Foreign Policy (DocumentCloud)

129 Documents

Gazettes: Moldova Capital Market & Gazette

745 Documents

Personal collections: Magnitsky Affair

169 Persons and companies

News archives: ProPublica (DC)

90,425 Documents

News archives: NYTimes (DocumentCloud)

104,699 Documents

News archives: Organized Crime & Co Reporting Project

19,209 Documents

Court archives: Armenian Court Documents

102,733 Documents

Grey literature: CIA FOIA Reading Room

8,908 Documents

Gazettes: Spanish Gazette

100,207 Documents

News archives: (Documents)

7,679 Documents

News archives: (DocumentCloud)

432 Documents

Court archives: Moldova Courts

225,689 Documents

News archives: The Intercept (DocumentCloud)

1,647 Documents

News archives: Washington Post (DC)

102,318 Documents

News archives: Al Jazeera English (DocumentCloud)

330 Documents

Gazettes: Chilean Gazette

28 Documents

Gazettes: Cyprus Government Gazette

1,112 Documents

Gazettes: Liechtenstein Amtsblatt

15,152 Documents

Company registries: Liechtenstein Company Index

1,393 Documents

Gazettes: Luxembourg Journal Officiel

44,965 Documents

Procurement: Bosnian Procurement Documents

353 Documents

Procurement: OpenOil Concessions Database

75 Documents

Leaks: Wikileaks State Department Cables

247,516 Documents

Grey literature: National Security Archive (DC)

2,665 Documents

Grey literature: The Base - Research Project (DC)

577 Documents

Grey literature: UN OHCHR Human Rights Reports

16 Documents

Grey literature: US CIA Rendition Flights

2 Documents

Company registries: Montenegro Company Database

5,811 Documents

Company registries: Panama Companies Registry

444,379 Documents

Company registries: Romania Foreign Companies

3 Documents

News archives: Center for Investigative Journalism (DC)

10 Documents

News archives: Center for Investigative Reporting (DC)

6,249 Documents

News archives: CIN Bosnia

13,967 Documents

News archives: Global Witness (DC)

155 Documents

News archives: (Documents)

7 Documents

News archives: Renditions Database (DocumentCloud)

8 Documents

News archives: The Wall Street Journal (DC)

1,474 Documents

News archives: Follow the Money (DocumentCloud)

111 Documents

News archives: Agence France-Presse (DocumentCloud)

26 Documents

Company registries: Guernsey Companies Registry

64,336 Documents

News archives: RISE Moldova (DocumentCloud)

140 Documents

News archives: Le Monde (DocumentCloud)

22 Documents

News archives: Neue Zürcher Zeitung (DocumentCloud)

1 Documents

News archives: Amnesty International (DocumentCloud)

3 Documents

News archives: Access Info Europe (DocumentCloud)

79 Documents

News archives: (DocumentCloud)

5 Documents

News archives: RISE Project Romania

3,184 Documents 19 Persons and companies

News archives: RISE Moldova

2,555 Documents

News archives: The Boston Globe (DC)

1,580 Documents

News archives: The Times (DocumentCloud)

76 Documents

News archives: Privacy International (DC)

1,332 Documents

News archives: Zeit Online (DocumentCloud)

74 Documents

Gazettes: Boletin de la Republica Argentina

11,265 Documents

Gazettes: Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce

804,751 Documents

Leaks: OSCE Austria

810 Documents

Grey literature: Global Terrorism Database

1 Documents

Grey literature: UK Parliamentary Inquiries

1,729 Documents 44 Persons and companies

Company registries: Isle of Man Companies Registry

185,613 Documents

News archives: Associated Press (DocumentCloud)

487 Documents

News archives: BBC News Online (DocumentCloud)

10 Documents

News archives: bigmir)net (DocumentCloud)

50 Documents

News archives: CIJ City University London (DC)

1 Documents

News archives: CIN Serbia Reporting

2,067 Documents

News archives: CNN (DocumentCloud)

1,072 Documents

News archives: CORRECT!V (DocumentCloud)

318 Documents

News archives: Deep in South Africa (DocumentCloud)

16 Documents

News archives: (DocumentCloud)

874 Documents

News archives: F.A.Z. (DocumentCloud)

26 Documents

News archives: Financial Times (DocumentCloud)

435 Documents

News archives: Hurriyet (DocumentCloud)

4 Documents

News archives: (DocumentCloud)

305 Documents

News archives: KyivPost (DocumentCloud)

4 Documents

News archives: ZN.UA (DocumentCloud)

310 Documents

News archives: OneWorld (DocumentCloud)

5 Documents

News archives: Mail & Guardian (DocumentCloud)

2 Documents

News archives: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (DC)

2 Documents

Company registries: Moldova Company Register

70 Documents

Company registries: Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Justice

2 Documents

Court archives: US SEC Litigation & Enforcement

19,697 Documents

Procurement: Georgian Contract Awards

24,012 Documents

Leaks: US NSA Newsletter

112 Documents

Leaks: YanukovychLeaks

38,765 Documents

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