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Business Registry: Doing Business

Describes and presents in a comprehensive way business regulation environments across economies

Business Registry: Dun & Bradstreet

Paid Database Registration Required

Business Registry: European Business Registry

Paid Database Registration Required Government Database

Business Registry:

Maritime: Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading vessel (FPSO) - includes flags, blocks, owners etc.

Business Registry: International Company Profile

Available: Search for an International Credit Status Report.

Business Registry: Lexis-Nexis

Paid Database Registration Required

Business Registry: Manta

Online directory with information of small business.

Registration Required

Business Registry: NYSE Euronext

Provides European equities market listings

Business Registry: Open Corporates

Available: search by company name or company's official. Results list all the places where a company with a specific name is registered and a link to the relevan registry.

Business Registry: Registro Nacional

Original documents and company filings are not available, but it is a good resource for the institutions that might have different kinds of information in Latin America (cars, realestate, businesses etc.)

Business Registry: Rigzone

Maritime: Information on rigs by vessel, includes owner, producer, operator, flags, fields, builder etc.

Business Registry: Spoke

Business information. Search online available.

Business Registry: SubSeaIQ

Maritime Offshore Development. Includes rig info, fields, projects etc.

Business Registry: Transnationale

Data related to companies. Available search by name and country.

Business Registry: Wages Index: International Labor Organization

Wages index - Global.

Commercial Register: FAA Aircraft Registry

Government Database

Commercial Register: Hoovers

Companies data bases. Available by Paid Subscription.

Paid Database

Commercial Register: Trade Map

Registration Required

Commercial Register: VLex

Available: legal documents from Spain, US, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile

Paid Database Registration Required

Court Registry: African Law

Courts, laws and other legal-specific issues related to Africa.

Court Registry: EU Court of Justice

Government Database

Court Registry: Global Courts

Online access to filings, country-specific courts etc.

Gazette: EU Official Journal

Government Database

Land Registry: Land Matrix

The Land Matrix is a global and independent land monitoring initiative that promotes transparency and accountability in decisions over land and investment.

Procurement registry: African Intellectual Property Organization

Government Database

Procurement registry: African Regional Intellectual Property Organization

Government Database

Procurement registry: Benelux Office for Intellectual Property

Government Database

Procurement registry: Eurasian Patent Organization

Government Database

Procurement registry: European Patent Organisation

Government Database

Procurement registry: Regional Procurement Management Information System

Available: calls for tenders and other procurement information for the COMESA region

Government Database

Regulatory Agency: Ecolex

Court Decisions, Literature, Treaties and Legislation. Online search. Global.

Regulatory Agency: Financial Secrecy Index

Legal and Financial opacity reports on global secrecy jurisdictions.

Regulatory Agency: Treaty Pro

Online access to tax treaties for countries globally.

Regulatory Agency: UN Water Database

Data related to water.

ID Search

Search data and documents that we've liberated and archived.

Grey literature: Georgian Asset Declarations

27,948 Documents

Court archives: Shearman & Sterling FCPA Case Library

3,677 Documents 42 Persons and companies

Company registries: Georgian Company Documents

710,413 Documents

Grey literature: Sarajevo Prosecutor

6,780 Documents

Court archives: World Bank Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative

2,645 Documents 203 Persons and companies

Gazettes: Cayman Islands Gazette

359 Documents

Gazettes: Dutch Staatscourant

447,329 Documents

Gazettes: Hong Kong Gazette

167,144 Documents

Grey literature: CommunistTalk

352 Documents

Gazettes: Turkish Commercial Gazette

1,623,293 Documents

Personal collections: Magnitsky Affair

1 Documents 167 Persons and companies

News archives: Foreign Policy (DocumentCloud)

150 Documents

Gazettes: Moldova Capital Market & Gazette

745 Documents

News archives: ProPublica (DC)

90,601 Documents

News archives: NYTimes (DocumentCloud)

105,132 Documents

News archives: Organized Crime & Co Reporting Project

19,725 Documents

Court archives: Armenian Court Documents

102,733 Documents

Grey literature: CIA FOIA Reading Room

15,952 Documents

Gazettes: Spanish Gazette

100,207 Documents

News archives: (Documents)

7,679 Documents

News archives: (DocumentCloud)

434 Documents

Court archives: Moldova Courts

380,787 Documents

News archives: The Intercept (DocumentCloud)

2,337 Documents

News archives: Washington Post (DC)

102,689 Documents

News archives: Al Jazeera English (DocumentCloud)

336 Documents

Gazettes: Chilean Gazette

28 Documents

Gazettes: Cyprus Government Gazette

1,112 Documents

Gazettes: Liechtenstein Amtsblatt

20,798 Documents

Company registries: Liechtenstein Company Index

1,393 Documents

Gazettes: Luxembourg Journal Officiel

44,965 Documents

Procurement: Bosnian Procurement Documents

353 Documents

Procurement: OpenOil Concessions Database

75 Documents

Leaks: Wikileaks State Department Cables

247,516 Documents

Grey literature: National Security Archive (DC)

3,367 Documents

Grey literature: The Base - Research Project (DC)

579 Documents

Grey literature: UN OHCHR Human Rights Reports

16 Documents

Grey literature: US CIA Rendition Flights

2 Documents

Company registries: Montenegro Company Database

5,811 Documents

Company registries: Panama Companies Registry

444,379 Documents

Company registries: Romania Foreign Companies

3 Documents

News archives: Center for Investigative Journalism (DC)

10 Documents

News archives: Center for Investigative Reporting (DC)

6,874 Documents

News archives: CIN Bosnia

13,967 Documents

News archives: Global Witness (DC)

158 Documents

News archives: (Documents)

7 Documents

News archives: Renditions Database (DocumentCloud)

8 Documents

News archives: The Wall Street Journal (DC)

1,498 Documents

News archives: Follow the Money (DocumentCloud)

111 Documents

News archives: Agence France-Presse (DocumentCloud)

26 Documents

Company registries: Guernsey Companies Registry

64,336 Documents

News archives: RISE Moldova (DocumentCloud)

167 Documents

News archives: Le Monde (DocumentCloud)

24 Documents

News archives: Neue Zürcher Zeitung (DocumentCloud)

1 Documents

News archives: Amnesty International (DocumentCloud)

3 Documents

News archives: Access Info Europe (DocumentCloud)

79 Documents

News archives: (DocumentCloud)

6 Documents

News archives: RISE Project Romania

3,184 Documents 19 Persons and companies

News archives: RISE Moldova

2,761 Documents

News archives: The Boston Globe (DC)

1,731 Documents

News archives: The Times (DocumentCloud)

206 Documents

News archives: Privacy International (DC)

1,423 Documents

News archives: Zeit Online (DocumentCloud)

75 Documents

Gazettes: Boletin de la Republica Argentina

11,265 Documents

Gazettes: Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce

926,257 Documents

Leaks: OSCE Austria

810 Documents

Grey literature: Global Terrorism Database

1 Documents

Grey literature: UK Parliamentary Inquiries

1,729 Documents 44 Persons and companies

Company registries: Isle of Man Companies Registry

185,613 Documents

News archives: Associated Press (DocumentCloud)

705 Documents

News archives: BBC News Online (DocumentCloud)

10 Documents

News archives: bigmir)net (DocumentCloud)

51 Documents

News archives: CIJ City University London (DC)

1 Documents

News archives: CIN Serbia Reporting

2,067 Documents

News archives: CNN (DocumentCloud)

1,236 Documents

News archives: CORRECT!V (DocumentCloud)

352 Documents

News archives: Deep in South Africa (DocumentCloud)

16 Documents

News archives: (DocumentCloud)

1,117 Documents

News archives: F.A.Z. (DocumentCloud)

26 Documents

News archives: Financial Times (DocumentCloud)

437 Documents

News archives: Hurriyet (DocumentCloud)

4 Documents

News archives: (DocumentCloud)

336 Documents

News archives: KyivPost (DocumentCloud)

4 Documents

News archives: ZN.UA (DocumentCloud)

380 Documents

News archives: OneWorld (DocumentCloud)

5 Documents

News archives: Mail & Guardian (DocumentCloud)

2 Documents

News archives: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (DC)

2 Documents

Company registries: Moldova Company Register

70 Documents

Company registries: Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Justice

2 Documents

Court archives: US SEC Litigation & Enforcement

21,170 Documents

Procurement: Georgian Contract Awards

25,923 Documents

Leaks: US NSA Newsletter

112 Documents

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