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What are the best public information sources in Israel?

Business Registry: Israel Company Profiles

The only English language index of Israeli companies. Updated approximately every six months. It does not include previous names of companies.

Business Registry: Israel Securities Authority

Available: list of issuers with basic company information

Government Database

Business Registry: Israely Corpration Authority

Available: search by company name to find the company number needed for futher research

Government Database

Business Registry: Registrar of Companies

Available: search only by company number with detailed company information available

Paid Database Registration Required Government Database

Court Registry: Nevo

Available only in Hebrew. Some information on court records and procedures.

Intellectual Property: Israel Patent Office Ministry of Justice

Government Database

Land Registry: Israel Land Registry

Page available only in Hebrew. Search available only by Block and Plot number which can be found at

Government Database

Land Registry: Survey of Israel

Page available in Hebrew only. Allows search by exact address to determine Block and Plot number and vice versa. Also has a detailed cadastral, satellite map available.

Government Database

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