Databases in Slovakia

External databases

What are the best public information sources in Slovakia?

Business Registry: Bratislava Stock Exchange

Available: a list of issuers, basic company information and financial reprots for some

Government Database

Business Registry: Ministry of Justice - Business Register

Available: search by company name, registration number, name of a person, with basic company information

Government Database

Business Registry: Visual Business Register

Available: inphographic like registry of Slovak and Czech Republics

Government Database

Commercial Register: Datanest

database with diverse information about the functioning of Slovakia: the governments, bureaus, political parties, economy, but also the relations between the various subjects operating in the country

Commercial Register: Project

It gives data from the present, past, visualizes the network and shows you a timeline of all the relationships. It aggregates data from from the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic, the Slovak tax authorities, general health insurance, Journal procurement and other databases.

Court Registry: Ministry of Justice - Court Records

Provides access to court judgements and decisions

Government Database

Court Registry: Open Courts

It provides scraped and re-indexed data from the Ministry of Justice on court decisions, hearings, profiles of judges and other useful judicial information.

Intellectual Property: Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic

Government Database

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