Commercial Register

Global Databases: FAA Aircraft Registry

Government Database

Global Databases: Hoovers

Companies data bases. Available by Paid Subscription.

Paid Database

Global Databases: Trade Map

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Global Databases: VLex

Available: legal documents from Spain, US, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile

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Argentina: Informe Multiburo

Available: search for information about individuals by name, CUIT or DNI

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Argentina: Nosis

Available: search by company name

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Austria: Firmen ABC

Available: company registration number, UID number, names of representatives, date of incorporation, sales, number of employees

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Belgium: B-information

Available for purchase: extended legal file, credit report, annual accounts

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Brazil: Bolsa de Valores de San Pablo

Available: listed companies info. BM&FBOVES manages the organized Securities and Derivatives markets, providing registration, clearing and settlement services. It acts as central counterparty, guaranteeing financial settlement for the trades executed in its environments.

Brazil: CCFácil

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Bulgaria: Ciela Norma

Available: active legislation in Bulgaria and government gazette

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Bulgaria: Daksi

Available only in Bulgarian

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Cameroon: Amchamcam

No search is available, but it is a good point of contact for research about foreign businesses in Cameroon

Czech Republic:

Available: search by personal and business name with basic information in results

Czech Republic: Regiony

Available: search by address to find all companies registered at the same location.

Denmark: BIQ

Available: search by personal and company name with detailed results

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Available: due diligence information on companies

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Available: purchase of financial and other records of French companies

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A scraped database of companies searchable by company name, directors and shareholders, company ID etc. Database will be updated from time to time.

Kazakhstan: SERJ/СЕРЖ

Available: search for individuals by their personal number (IIN number). Search results include DOB (which are also the first 6 digits of the ИИН) First four digits of domestic ID First four digits of passport (every one registered to the individual) Region of Kazakhstan Nationality

Liechtenstein: Teledata

Available: search by name of company or person in databases from Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It provides detailed information from financial institutions, official registries and other public administration departments including links to politicians, detailed financial status and reports, birth dates, addresses.

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Mauritius: Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

Free search by name and date of registration is available. Basic company records also available for purchase

Paid Database Government Database


Available: cadastral, company, due dilligence and other information

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Available: map of connections and relations between company board members, managing directors and stock owners etc.

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Paraguay: Dirección Nacional de Contrataciones

Government Database

Slovakia: Datanest

database with diverse information about the functioning of Slovakia: the governments, bureaus, political parties, economy, but also the relations between the various subjects operating in the country

Slovakia: Project

It gives data from the present, past, visualizes the network and shows you a timeline of all the relationships. It aggregates data from from the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic, the Slovak tax authorities, general health insurance, Journal procurement and other databases.


Search by names of directors/shareholders. Offers all the financial data from annual reports (incl. for years before 2008/2009, which are usually the earliest years you get annual reports for at Ajpes). Info on tax paymnet, ongoing lawsuits and credit ratings (the latter is a payable service of Ajpes). If a company changed its name, Ajpes would return no results, while Gvin would detect it and put you through to the "new" company. Offers all available documents in one place (except those you can find only at the court register - memorandum/articles of association, insolvency reports, statute). You can click on the address of a company and see what other companies are registered there.

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Spain: E Informa

Available: search by name of company, person, registration number. Users need to create an account. Account holders can download the first 5 records for free. Usually records cost up to 10 EUR.

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Sweden: Bolagsverket

Available: purchase of more detailed company profiles

Paid Database

Switzerland: Money House

Money House offers search by company name or personal name. Search results include director names, sometimes shareholders, all the gazette notifications, registered company activity etc. Results for person search include previous employments, connected companies and people.

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Thailand: DBThai

Available: company records with information on directors and shareholders is available for purchase after creating an account.

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United Kingdom: Companies In The UK

Available: basic information about companies + the number of companies registered at a certain address.

United Kingdom: DueDil

Available: active and dissolved companies search with detailed information on directors and financials. For most companies current shareholder is also available. Original documents are also available for purchase.

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United States: Free Aircraft Registration and Land Records Database

Determine the owner name and location for a U.S. or Canadian Aircraft. Find aircraft owned by businesses or individuals. The website also offers search for land records by personal name but it is unclear how often it is updated.

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