Court Registry

All Databases: Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Court of Justice Decisions

Official website address ( often down.

Government Database

All Databases: East African Court of Justice

Official website also available:

Government Database

All Databases: Southern African Development Community (SADC) Tribunal

Decisions available since 2007. Page frequently down.

Government Database

All Databases: Supreme Court of Marshall Islands

Online access from 1982-2013

All Databases: Supreme Court of Singapore

Online access from 2005-2013

Global Databases: African Law

Courts, laws and other legal-specific issues related to Africa.

Global Databases: EU Court of Justice

Government Database

Global Databases: Global Courts

Online access to filings, country-specific courts etc.

Albania: Albania Supreme Court

Government Database

Angola: Supreme Tribunal of Angola

Online access to decisions, resolutions, legislation and other documents. Portuguese.

Government Database

Antigua and Barbuda: Antigua and Barbuda Supreme Court

Website down.

Government Database

Argentina: Argentina Supreme Court

Government Database

Australia: Australia Federal Court

From 2002-2013

Austria: Austria Supreme Court

Government Database

Bahamas: Supreme Court Bahamas

Government Database

Bangladesh: Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Government Database

Barbados: Supreme Court of Barbados

Government Database

Belarus: Supreme Court of Belarus

Government Database

Belgium: Supreme Court of Belgium

Government Database

Belize: Supreme Court of Belize

Government Database

Benin: Constitutional Court of Benin

Online access to decisions, etc.

Government Database

Bermuda: Supreme Court of Bermuda

Online access via court database from 2007-2013.

Bhutan: Supreme Court of Bhutan

Government Database

Bolivia: Supreme Court of Bolivia

Available: court decisions of the Supreme Court of Bolivia

Government Database

Botswana: High Court of Botswana

Decisions available online from 1999-2010.

Government Database

Brazil: Supreme Court of Brazil

Government Database

Brunei Darussalam: Supreme Court of Brunei Darussalam

Government Database

Bulgaria: Supreme Court of Bulgaria

Government Database

Burkina Faso: Supreme Court of Burkina Faso

Government Database

Burundi: Supreme Court of Burundi

Select access (1977-2005) available online via Juricaf in French.

Cameroon: Supreme Court of Cameroon

The website does not yet offer online access to judgements.

Government Database

Cape Verde: Tribunal of Justice - Cape Verde

Online access to judgements and legislation. Page link down.

Government Database

Central African Republic: Supreme Court of Central African Republic

Website is down.

Government Database

El Salvador: Corte Suprema de Justicia

Centro de Documentación Judicial.

Government Database

El Salvador: Tribunal del Servicio Civil

Public Justice Registry. Search available.

Government Database

Fiji: Supreme Court of Fiji

Online access from 1876-2013

Guam: Supreme Court of Guam

Online access from 1996-2013

Israel: Nevo

Available only in Hebrew. Some information on court records and procedures.

Lesotho: High Court Commercial Decisions

Online access from 2010-2013.

Government Database

Lithuania: Eteismai

Available: search by name of individual not available - all the names are diminished to the first letters of the name and the surname. Includes litigation involving non-Lithuanian companies.

Malawi: High Court Commercial Decisions

Online access 2006-2008.

Government Database

Mauritius: Supreme Court of Mauritius

Online access to judgements, legislation, cause lists etc from 2009.

Government Database

Moldova: Database of Court Cases in the Republic of Moldova

Free search by name of entity in all areas of the country, free access to court records when available online.

Moldova: Official Gazette

Issued monthly, provides free access to a list of companies registered each month, with basic details (online data available since 2009)

Moldova: State Tax Service

Provides free access to basic company data, including administrators names, address, registration number, financial status, type of activities. Search by company's registration number only ( The webpage is in Romanian, English, Russian

Morocco: Supreme Court of Morocco

Website often down.

Government Database

Mozambique: Mozambique Supreme Court

Online access in English from 1992-2007

Namibia: Supreme Court of Namibia

Online access from 1990-2013.

Government Database

Nauru: Supreme Court of Nauru

Online access from 1969-2013

Niger: Supreme Court of Niger

Decisions available online.

Government Database

Nigeria: Supreme Court of Nigeria

Judgements from 1963 available online. Original jurisdiction in conflicts between Federal government and a State, or between States.

Government Database

Palau: Supreme Court of Palau

Online access from 1994-2013

Panama: Court Registry

Available: a search for court cases with some original documents available for download. Search by: attorney, case number, party name.

Papua New Guinea: Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea

Online access from 1930-2013

Rwanda: Supreme Court of Rwanda

Website temporarily suspended. Online database provides free access to judgement from Supreme Court, High Court and other subordinate courts.

Government Database

Samoa: Supreme Court of Samoa

Online access from 1980-2013

Sao Tome and Principe: Government Gazette of Sao Tome and Principe

Online access. Page down.

Government Database

Sao Tome and Principe: Supreme Tribunal of Justice - Sao Tome and Principe

Government Database

Serbia: Serbian Courts Registry

Available: search for court cases at all levels by case name or number; only available in Serbian

Government Database

Seychelles: SEYLII - Seychelles Legal Information Institute

Available for free: lists and sometimes documentation of court cases from Seychelles Constitutional Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. The website also indexes law reports, government notices and cause lists.

Seychelles: Supreme Court of Seychelles

Online access from 2004-2013.

Government Database

Singapore: Intellectual Property Decisions in Singapore

Online access from 1999-2011.

Slovakia: Ministry of Justice - Court Records

Provides access to court judgements and decisions

Government Database

Slovakia: Open Courts

It provides scraped and re-indexed data from the Ministry of Justice on court decisions, hearings, profiles of judges and other useful judicial information.

South Africa: Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa

Government Database

Spain: Consejo General del Poder Judicial

A search of judges and cases is available by the number of judgment.

Paid Database Government Database

Swaziland: Supreme Court of Swaziland

Online access from 1993-2013.

Government Database

Sweden: Lexbase

Public information about companies and individuals in the Swedish courts

Government Database

Switzerland: Bundesgericht - the supreme court of Switzerland

In order to access the court records journalists must send a letter requesting accreditation with the institution. Once accreditation is obtained, basic information about ongoing and closed court cases can be accessed online while the Supreme Court provides additional detailed files based on specific case requests.

Registration Required Government Database

Switzerland: Bundesstrafgericht - the federal criminal court

Available: the cases of the federal criminal court are accessible for everyone on: In order to access the complete court records, journalists must send a letter requesting accreditation with the institution. Once accreditation is obtained, the federal criminal court provides detailed files based on specific case requests.

Registration Required Government Database

Tanzania: High Court of Tanzania

Online access from 1986-2009.

Government Database

Tonga: Land Court of Tonga

Online access from 1999-2013

Tonga: Supreme Court of Tonga

Online access from 1986-2013

Uganda: Supreme Court of Uganda

Online access from 1998-2013.

Government Database

Ukraine: Unified State Register of Court Decisions

Available: state court rulings available for search by: name, case number, court code

Government Database

United States: Florida District Courts of Appeal

Available: a search for court cases in Florida district courts with some original documents available for download. Search by: attorney, case number, party name

Government Database

United States: Miami-Dade County Court

Available: search for court cases in county court with some original documents available for download. Search by: party name, local case number, state case number

Government Database

Vanuatu: Supreme Court of Vanuatu

Online access from 1980-2013

Venezuela: Servicio Autónomo de Registros y Notarías

No está habilitada la búsqueda.

Government Database

Zambia: Supreme Court of Zambia

Online access from 1974-2011.

Zimbabwe: Supreme Court of Zimbabwe

Online access from 2002-2013.

Government Database

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